I’m Not Coping

It is time to be completely honest. I am not coping, I am struggling with my life. And it is only getting worse as the days go by and people don’t understand what I am going through and most don’t understand what I have been through in the over 4 decades of my life. I ...
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Pain is Ridiculous

I have been sleeping most of today and then woke up tonight around 6pm, I believe I woke up because of the amount of pain I was in. I have just had a full dose of all my medications and they are slowly kicking in. The pain between my leg, my foot, my big toe ...
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Bits and Pieces

I had a video chat with my Mumma over Facebook Messenger tonight. We haven’t done this for a little while now and it was fantastic to see her and catch up again. I wish we could do it every day, but we don’t need to talk all the time. We will run out of things ...
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Vodafone Australia – Another Outage

So, I had a lengthy sleep from early yesterday afternoon until approx. 1.30am this morning. Upon waking up I noticed my Internet Connection to the laptop could not connect, as most people I know I use a Hotspot from my mobile phone to connect to the internet. Upon further investigation it turns out that the ...
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So Much Happening …

There is currently so much happening within my life that it is a bit unbelievable. So let’s do this in a bit of a group format, it will be easier to understand and for me to write about everything going on. My Health My psoriasis is starting to fade in so may areas of my ...
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What is the IamKangy.com website?
This is the personal website of Zac Drayson from Gosford, NSW, Australia. It is called IamKangy because Zac’s nickname is Kangy.

What is the purpose of this website?
The purpose of this website is so Zac can share his photos, thoughts and blog posts with his friends and whoever else around the world comes across this website. Please remember that all thoughts and opinions posted on this website are that of Zac Drayson (unless otherwise stated).

How do I find your blog posts?
You will notice that the last 3 post entries shows on the top of this page. You can also find a list of the last 10 posts in the footer on the left under the title Recent Posts. Or to view all posts just click on the menu link My Blog in the top menu of any page of this site.