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What is the website?
This is the personal website of IamKangy (AKA: Zac Drayson) from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. It is called IamKangy because Zac’s nickname is Kangy after the Australian animal, the Kangaroo. Please be aware that this site uses Google Ads and Paid Advertising.

How do I find out more about you?
To find out more about me click the About Me link in the main menu. You can also view my Instagram photos by clicking on the Instagram link in the main menu (this link will not redirect you to Instagram, but will show you a list of all photos on that page). You can also connect with me via Twitter in the middle footer menu.

Today I Leave My Comfort Zone

Today begins my transition period moving away part of my supports from Coimba to my NDIS support workers. Every single Friday for the past 21 months I have had the Coimba workers come and pick me up between 8 and 8.30am to go to do the weekly chemist and shopping trip. Today that all changes.  ...
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Don’t Quit – I’m a Champion

No matter how much I want to quit everything and just give up I need to realize just how strong I actually am. I am a champion. I must, as Dory says “Just keep swimming“. No matter what I think or feel I just must keep ongoing. With everything that has gone on in my ...
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I’m Totally Drained + Updates

The image above totally explains how I have been really feeling as of late. I try to smile through everything and put on a brave face when I am really struggling to keep going. Especially with everything that has occurred over the last month. Let’s do a little recap on things. It started with Christmas, ...
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Comment System Is Back

After some time I have finally been able to find the way to get my comment system back online for my blog posts. It was just a matter of finding the right file within my custom theme to be able to bring it back. Some posts, depending on what they are, may have comments disabled, ...
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A Hard Decision

Yesterday I had to make one of the hardest decisions I have had to make when it came to someone that was close to me for a long time. It resulted in this person being blocked on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Also, their phone number has also been blocked. It was so hard ...
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New Medication

Last night I began several new medications. And one of them gave me a major headache for several hours upon waking up this morning. What a killer of a headache it was too, I haven’t had one like it for some time now. The first new medication is to help with my high cholesterol, even ...
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