ECG Stress Test

So my doctors thinks there is something wrong with my heart as I am constantly getting chest pains. So, tomorrow afternoon I am being sent to have an ECG Stress Test … I am nervous, I am scared as to what the results will show. I am also worried I won’t get through it as ...
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Upcoming Month

There are a lot of things coming up over the next month. Tomorrow I have my normal shopping and chemist routine. Then I have the following upcoming appt.’s: Yesterday – Central Coast Eye Care (Optometrist). Eye check Monday 20th May – Storage Shed trip with Aaron to pick up some items for home Tuesday 21st ...
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Psoriasis – 3 Months In

So here are some before an after pictures of my psoriasis since starting the Stelara Injections. It has now been 3 months since I started with my first injection on the 17th Feb 2019, the next on the 17th March and now the next not until the 9th June (so now it is every 12 ...
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Several Weeks Back This Happened

It was now several weeks back that I made this post, again on my Facebook account and have decided to post it here now as it links in with my previous post that I just made. These people I do not need in my life. I deserve to be treated better and supported, just like ...
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I Have Just Realized

I just made a lengthy post on my Facebook account about this very issue. So instead of writing it out all over again, I have decided to just screenshot the post and paste it here. It still gets my point across plain and simple, but a lot easier for me at nearly midnight.
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What is the website?
This is the personal website of Zac Drayson from Gosford, NSW, Australia. It is called IamKangy because Zac’s nickname is Kangy.

What is the purpose of this website?
The purpose of this website is so Zac can share his photos, thoughts and blog posts with his friends and whoever else around the world comes across this website. Please remember that all thoughts and opinions posted on this website are that of Zac Drayson (unless otherwise stated).

How do I find your blog posts?
You will notice that the last 3 post entries shows on the top of this page. You can also find a list of the last 10 posts in the footer on the left under the title Recent Posts. Or to view all posts just click on the menu link My Blog in the top menu of any page of this site.