What is the IamKangy.com website?
This is the personal website of IamKangy (AKA: Zac Drayson) from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. It is called IamKangy because Zac’s nickname is Kangy after the Australian animal, the Kangaroo. Please be aware that this site uses Google Ads and Paid Advertising.

How do I find out more about you?
To find out more about me click the About Me link in the main menu. You can also view my Instagram photos by clicking on the Instagram link in the main menu (this link will not redirect you to Instagram, but will show you a list of all photos on that page). You can also connect with me via Twitter in the middle footer menu.


It has finally hit home – Part 3 of 3

** This story continues from Part 2. If you have not yet read Part 1 and 2 of this journey you should read both of these first before you continue with this post. You can read Part 1 at the following link: https://www.iamkangy.com/it-has-finally-hit-home-part-1-of-3/ you can read Part 2 at the following link: https://www.iamkangy.com/it-has-finally-hit-home-part-2-of-3/ ** So, ...
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It has finally hit home – Part 2 of 3

** This story continues on from Part 1. If you have not read Part 1 you should read that first before you continue reading on. You can read Part 1 at the following link: https://www.iamkangy.com/it-has-finally-hit-home-part-1-of-3/ ** After the discussions between myself, Dr Michelle and the Surgeon about amputation, everything for me changed. My mindset changed ...
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It has finally hit home – Part 1 of 3

Well, it has taken 2 years and 10 days for me to finally understand what the impact of the last 2 years and 4 months has had on my life and on those that are close to me. I wasn’t going to write about this, but I feel that I need too. I will try ...
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Major Latest Updates

I haven’t done a personal blog post in 9 days and there are reasons behind that, which we will get to in a minute. There has been so much going on and so much happening lately, some good, some bad. So I decided it is now time for a bit of an update on everything ...
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Time to Catch Up

It is time to catch up on a lot of things that have been happening and what is going to be occurring over the coming weeks and months. Right now the pain from my feet and legs have you can say tripled from the more normal levels. The pain is really bad right now and ...
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Tired, Stressed and Depressed

So much has gone to shit lately, I really don’t even know where to begin. There will be things I will rant about, things I will forget as well as things I don’t want to discuss. Both my feet are so swollen due to the infection in my right foot that I can’t even wear ...
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