2 days til Xmas

It’s Sunday 23rd December 2018 – We are just 2 days away from Xmas 2018 and 8 days until we reach the new year of 2019 and 15 days until I turn 42. What a busy couple of weeks ahead. And in there somewhere will also come a funeral when it is arranged.

Tomorrow I have a Xmas Eve Lunch that I am going to. The good thing is that there isn’t going to be that many people there so my anxiety should pretty much stay in check. I will still make sure I have my medication on hand just in case.

Christmas Day there is no way I will be going down to CS as there is going to be close to 300 people for the 3 hours. That amount of people in such a small place I just won’t be able to handle. There are a few options for Xmas Day, I could go up to Newcastle or even down to Sydney. There are events on in both places that I know of and that I have been to before which either one would be good of. But also travelling on public transport on Xmas Day also doesn’t sound fun. So, more then likely I will just stay at home. I don’t mind I have spent Xmas alone for years and it really doesn’t bother me anymore.

On a final note. Today is going to be a good day …

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