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Are You Really My Friend?

A couple of hours ago I made a Facebook post about how I am feeling about most of my so-called friends. Every time I seem to make plans or am wanting to there is always an excuse as to why they can’t or won’t. And if we do make plans at the very last minute everyone seems to cancel. Something always seems to come up. It is really annoying me as this has now been going on for sometime.

All I am wanting is my friends to be there for me just like I have always been there for them, no matter what. I know that some of my friends are finding things difficult with certain health issues that I am going through, but still that doesn’t mean they can treat me any different. It’s not like they can catch my illnesses.

So, I’ve had to make the decision to put a stop to it. From now on I am not going to be the person who always makes the first point of contact (messenger, text message, phone call, email etc). People can contact me first for a change. And if people don’t wanna do things (catch up, have coffee, have lunch or whatever) then what is the point of being my friend?

So, start being my friend (properly) or just fuck the hell off and leave me alone. I have enough dramas going on at the moment and I really don’t need the extra stress from you pretending to be my friend.

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