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Bits and Pieces

I had a video chat with my Mumma over Facebook Messenger tonight. We haven’t done this for a little while now and it was fantastic to see her and catch up again. I wish we could do it every day, but we don’t need to talk all the time. We will run out of things to talk about.

Tomorrow I have an appt. to see Lee at 11am. And regrettably I have to have Peter pick me up as Steve and Aaron are both going to be in Long Jetty at the time. But this is an appt. that I can not miss or re-schedule. Apart from shopping on Friday morning I don’t have anything else on this week.

I have an upcoming Doctors appt. on the 15th at 1.30pm. I need to call the surgery tomorrow to see if I can get a double appt. for that time. I need to get a Health Care Plan put into place. I also need to print off a copy of the Medicare information about them being charged recently for a Health Care Plan that wasn’t even done. I need to ask my Doctor about this. Cause this can only be done once a year. And if they are charged twice for it then I will get a bill for the second one being done and it is not cheap. It could just be a simple mistake.

I need to type out a list of things tonight to give to Lee tomorrow. It will make things a lot easier that way, the same as last time. I might have to do this in the morning when I wake up due to the way I am starting to feel.

I have just had a dose of my anxiety medication and Endone. I am not sure why my anxiety is playing up tonight, I haven’t been out anywhere for it to kick in. But obviously something has made me very anxious for some reason.

I am beginning to feel very tired and starting to dose off a bit at the computer, but I want to finish this first. But as my eyes are also hurting, I need to put my glasses on.

I have so many things I want to start doing over the coming week. But it is going to be so hard. I want to start getting out of the unit for a little bit each day without having to take medication. But it is going to be very difficult. I struggle enough on my medication, let alone trying to do things without it.

Oh damn, I just remembered I also need to arrange a sopping list for Friday (and I need to try to stick to it also. I also need to get a hair cut and have a shave. A shave I can do tomorrow before I see Lee. It will only take a few minutes to do.

Anyway, that is enough for now, my eyes are forcing themselves shut and I am having trouble keeping them open. So, I think I need to go and lay down, for a few hours at least.

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