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Blah … Says It All

Tonight I am sitting at home waiting for my eggs to boil and watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I haven’t long had my Endone and OxyContin. In a lot of pain tonight and I am so over it. But the problem now also seems to be that when I have my pain relief it makes me feel sick in the stomach. Just what I need on top of everything else.

It feels a bit hot at the moment too, even though it is 8pm it is still 20’C. I have my fan on and the doors wide open whilst wearing only my tradie boxers and a sleeveless shirt. And my body heats up enough with my diabetes, but also with my pain relief it heats me up even more. I think I might have to have a cold shower soon too. I need to cool myself down a bit.

I am trying to make a really tough decision, I need to decide if I want to continue my 3rd round of chemo. I have informed my oncologist that is she agrees to make sure I have enough pain relief to get me through then I will consider restarting it. But there is no way that I will without her first making sure I have enough. I am sick of running out and then having to wait up to a week before I can get more.

I have decided that I am also not going to be posting every single day (unless I want to) and I will be posting it least every couple of days. This way there will be things to write about instead of stuff rambling daily shit, unless there is actually things going on. Anyway that’s enough for now, my eggs are ready to be cooled, peeled and eaten. Yum!

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