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Blood Work Results Today

In a couple of hours from now I find out my latest blood work results. I must admit I am a bit nervous about these results. I am not really sure what I am expecting but with all the results getting worse and worse each month I am hoping that there might be a bit of a change for the better, but I am not that hopeful for that to be honest. Even though it would be some great news if there was even a slight change for the better.

I know that when I saw my doctor a week ago she was also talking about putting me back into hospital for a couple of weeks if these results are not the best. And I am sick of being in and out of hospital. But if I need to go, then I need to go. Another trip into Gosford Hospital would be just what I need for Christmas. But I will find out in a little bit about whether that is going to happen or not.

I will update after I see her at 2.45pm this afternoon. More to come later today …

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