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Changing Web Hosts

Due to a major issue currently occurring in the web hosting industry at the moment with the admin control panel cPanel I am having to change my web host to someone that is not using cPanel. I am also having to do the same with my business website. I am currently just waiting to hear back as to when this transfer can begin. But should begin within the next day or two.

It will involve a small amount of downtime whilst the new name servers take time to take effect on the internet. Usually this doesn’t take very long to happen. But can take up to 48 hours to fully process once the name servers are actually changed. You can keep updated what is happening on my Social Media pages. Both my Facebook Page and Twitter account.

I am hoping to have this fully resolved within several days. But these things do take time. I am sorry for any issues this may cause, but this is totally out of my control and there is nothing I can do about this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst I make the change to a new host.


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