Christmas 2018 Is Over

Well another Christmas is over. And as 2018 is coming to an end there is great things planned for 2019. It has surely got to be a better year then the last few decades. And I am going to make sure it is a better year for me. There will still be lots of hurdles to overcome, but I am going to make sure it is a better year for me.

I have a lot of exciting things about to start happening and in 12 days I turn a massive 42. Damn I am getting to be an old bugger lol. But as I have said before, I have made mistakes, I have learned from them and now it is time to move forward with the rest of my life and do what makes me happy. Onwards and upward. Bring on 2019.

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Zac Drayson (IamKangy) is from Gosford, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Zac is the Founder and CEO of Flake Designs, an online Web Design and Web Management business. Zac enjoys spending his time with friends, taking long walks along the beach, going wharf jumping, taking ferry rides and absolutely loves listening to music.

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