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I am a drug addict …

I Zac Drayson (IamKangy) am an addict. However, I do not obtain or take illegal drugs. So how am I a drug addict then? 18 months ago I was admitted to hospital for around 2 months and when I was there the whole time, several times a day I was on Endone, OxyContin and a Morphine drip. Upon my release from the hospital, which was 15 or 16 months ago now I was released on a high dose of Endone and OxyContin for the continued pain. And to this day I am still on these drugs even though my doctor is slowly getting me off this medication, at my request. No one is forcing me to get off them. I want to get off them myself. And it is hard. If I don’t have my medication several times a day I go into withdrawals and start having cramps, going into hot and cold sweats and feel sick as a dog.

I have reached out for help. And everywhere I have contacted I have been turned away. And I don’t understand it. Even though I am not taking illegal drugs, I still have a drug problem and need help. So where do I turn? What do I do now? Below is a screenshot that I posted onto my public Facebook page in the very early hours of this morning. I also posted a couple of tweets asking for advice and help. And so far, no one has responded to anything I have said. Which says a lot. Someone is reaching out for help with a serious issue and no one wants to help, so it makes me wonder, do they even give a shit at all? I will get through this, just like I have got through a lot of other shit in my life. But it will still be a long and rocky road ahead. So I will continue to focus on getting my health back on track and running my business, oh and of course playing my games which take my mind of things.

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