I Want a Kitten

I have made the decision that when I get my Housing NSW property, which hopefully won’t be much longer I am going to get myself a kitten. I was thinking a puppy, but changed my mind and decided that I want to get myself a little kitten.

I know people are giving away free kittens all the time and I am sure I can find one. And have to go through the microchipping and everything as well. So it is something that I am going to have to plan a little and not just go out an get one. Have to do some research on what I need to do first to make sure everything is covered.

But I will be getting myself a kitten when I get my new home …

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Zac Drayson (IamKangy) is from Gosford, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Zac is the Founder and CEO of Hydra Web Services, an online Web Design and Web Management business. Zac enjoys spending his time with friends, taking long walks along the beach, going wharf jumping, taking ferry rides and absolutely loves listening to music and playing computer games (such as Need for Speed and Flight Simulator and GTA to name just a few).

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