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It’s Now Official

Well the official word came through today. The Australian Government has approved me for PBS injections for my serve psoriasis skin condition. The injection I will be taking is called Stelara. The cost of these injections is $68,000 AUD per year. It is a 90ml injection and gets taken like this. I take the first injection, then 4 weeks later I take the second injection, after that it is an injection every 12 weeks. So it will be 4 injections a year. That means each injection is $17,000. Like shit, that is a lot of bloody money for a needle. 

After doing some research a lot of people who have taken this injection had seem massive improvements in their psoriasis within the first 12 weeks. I am hoping for the same results. 

I will be giving the injections to myself. I am used to giving myself needs due to my insulin. So an extra needle here and there is nothing for me. 

I am so happy that this got approved, I have been so anxious waiting for the results. Now, my first script was sent out yesterday. It should be here within the next couple of days. And I can’t wait to start taking this to hopefully get rid of this horrible disease on my skin. If this works it WILL be a life changing thing in my life. 

Now time to get started and hope this works.

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