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More Blood Test

About 30 minutes until I get picked up for a second round of blood tests in 2 days. But this morning I can’t eat until after the tests as this lot I have to be fasting for. Not a great thing for a diabetic. But I will be able to eat around 8.20 to 8.30am. So I should be right, just have to hold off on taking my morning insulin to make sure I can’t drop too low whilst I am out.

I have also been referred to the High-Risk Foot Clinic at the Central Coast Hospital. They will deal with a range of things from my vascular, feet, diabetes and other issues all in the one place, as it is all linked to my feet – as most people should know diabetes affects your feet big time. And can cause serious issues, as I know from the time I spent several months in hospital due to my feet about 18 months ago.

Hydra is slowly starting to get off the ground more now and I have several sites that I am currently working on. The good thing is I have no time frame on when these couple of sites need to be completed. But I like getting things done. Just waiting to hear back from a couple of people before I can continue on with some of the codings that I need to do.

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