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New Treatment in Progress

I have had several private messages and emails in relation to several posts on my Facebook. So I am making this post to make several things perfectly clear.

Firstly, yes I am undergoing treatment right now. No, I will not go into further details at this time.

Secondly, I won’t be posting regular updates about this at the moment. And I am not sure if I will and if I do decide to when it will occur.

Thirdly, yes the treatment is going to make me extremely sick and moody at times. But that is to be expected with what I am going through now on top of everything else.

And finally, no Hydra is NOT closing. I will continue running my business. It will just be at different hours and depending on how long I can sit at the computer at one time without running to the bathroom. But things will run. And if people do as asked and submit tickets to the HelpDesk, then things will be done in order of priority. If I do not feel the priority you have added to the ticket, I will change it.

For now, this is all I am going to disclose and I will not be discussing this any further at this time. Please respect my privacy on this matter and let things run there course.

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