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Refund Time is Stupid

Nearly a week ago I got a home delivery from Coles. First time I have used them. I usually use Woolworths home delivery if I want to get shopping delivered. I won’t be using Coles again though. The experience was not pleasant.

I had missing items and damaged products, even though it was all paid for. How they can damage or miss items on a list. And they use a scanner so they would know if items are missing. There was a couple of items that were out of stock, but I wasn’t charged for them so that was good.

Now the issue is they take your money within seconds, but when they give you a refund it takes nearly a week for you to get it back. And right now I am still waiting for the just over $50 to be returned. It isn’t a small amount to someone like me on a pension. I did ring them today and they processed the refund whilst I was on the phone, but I also have an email saying it was done last weekend. So hopefully they don’t double up on the refund. I don’t want to be owing them money. But then if they do that is their fault. But I would let them know if they do make that error. 

I just don’t understand why it takes so long for them to refund. Even when my bank says it only takes 24 hours. Don’t understand it myself to be honest. But not like I can do anything about it though. Just have to try to be patient and wait for it to hit my account. 

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