Skin Condition – Plaque Psoriasis

I have had some Private Messages on Facebook asking me about this skin condition that I have just started taking injections for. So against my better judgement I am going to post a bunch of pictures of what this looks like. There are several areas of my body that I can’t get to myself, such as my back which is just as bad as the pics below.BTW FYI the skin condition is called: plaque psoriasis.



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Zac Drayson (IamKangy) is from Gosford, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Zac is the Founder and CEO of Flake Designs, an online Web Design and Web Management business. Zac enjoys spending his time with friends, taking long walks along the beach, going wharf jumping, taking ferry rides and absolutely loves listening to music.


  1. Gerry aka Popeye

    Kangy my skin was exactly like yours but I was covered all over, I saw a specialist and I had heat treatment at first useless then it was creams again useless, he then told me about a cancer drug called Methatrexate which might work, so I said I would have a go, within 4 months I was completely cured not a single spot on my body mate, and I was literaly full body covered I still take them and glad I do, its changed my whole life.

    Good luck I wish you well Popeye, you will have seen me on the other site

    1. IamKangy

      Thank you for your comment. I have tried Methotrexate twice before and failed both times. I am now using Stelara, biologic injections. And am starting to see improvements already and it has only been a month and had 2 injections to date. The injections are now every 12 weeks. I have tried pretty much everything else known to man kind for this. This is my last chance. But seeing some slight results already, but still is very early days yet.


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