Below is a list of videos from YouTube that either I totally love or a video that has some kind of meaning to me.


Badflower – The Jester

I had a friend from the United States share this YouTube video with me. It is something that I can totally relate to because of my old lifestyle. The way they have done the music video clip to this song is just amazing and makes me a little teary as the meaning is there in ...
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Simple – I Quit

I Zac Drayson, I Quit. It isn’t what you think. Watch the video below to get an understanding of what I am quitting and why. It only goes for 3.02. Check it out and I hope you enjoy and can use this in your life to some extent. I will be doing another blog post ...
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D Minor – Concrete Pillow

D Minor is an Australian Rapper who preformed last night on Australia’s Got Talent. This is an original song he wrote about his time being homeless. It has so much meaning to me from my time also being homeless. I thought I would share it with the rest of you. A great amazing and talent ...
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