Below is a list of videos from YouTube that either I totally love or a video that has some kind of meaning to me.


Fire Fight Australia Concert – KD Lang

KD Lang performed one of the best songs and raised the most amount of money during a song during the inter Fire Fight Australia Concert on Sunday. It was also good to see how relaxed she was as you can see in the video she is barefooted throughout her song. She sang one of the ...
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Niall Horan – Put A Little Love On Me

Niall Horan’s performance on Saturday Night Live in December 2019 of his hit song “Put A Little Love On Me”. I totally love this song. And this performance was totally amazing. Watch this video below. Totally amazing.
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D Minor (feat. Zeek Power) – Homerun

This is D Minor’s second video clip after his first song Concrete Pillow. Check out the Concrete Pillow video with some more information about D Minor, who is a former homeless rapper from Sydney, Australia.
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Badflower – The Jester

I had a friend from the United States share this YouTube video with me. It is something that I can totally relate to because of my old lifestyle. The way they have done the music video clip to this song is just amazing and makes me a little teary as the meaning is there in ...
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Singing with her Idol

This superstar who was found in Britain in 2009 and still current 10 years later got to sing with her idol. What an amazing performance between the two of them.
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