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Vodafone Australia – Another Outage

So, I had a lengthy sleep from early yesterday afternoon until approx. 1.30am this morning. Upon waking up I noticed my Internet Connection to the laptop could not connect, as most people I know I use a Hotspot from my mobile phone to connect to the internet.

Upon further investigation it turns out that the Vodafone Network is down, once again. This has been happening a lot lately and I have now had enough of it. I can’t use data, make or receive phone calls or text messages. It is like a problem at one of the local towers or them doing unplanned maintenance and we were not even informed, which does usually occur. This also means that I can not setup my new phone as I can’t connect it to the internet.

When the Network comes back online, I will be contacting them to discuss this issue as I can not be with a company that is going to keep having these issues. I might need to like at moving to Optus or another network, as long as I can still get the basic deal and data limits that I am getting with Vodafone. I will make a decision on this after I speak to my network provider when they come back online and I can make calls again. But who knows how long that will take, usually it is down for several hours at a time and I have no idea how long it has actually been down for at the moment.

Vodafone used to be a great network provider, but as of late they are going down hill very rapidly. Hopefully it will come back online soon so I can start doing the things I need to do online, which I normally do at this hour.

Well I suppose this now also gives me a chance to give the laptop a bit of a clean-up. I have files that need deleting and others that need sorting and moved to other locations. Also have scans to run and all that business, so I think I will do that at the moment as there really isn’t much else I can right now.

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